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Community Hubs

We envisage establishing a hub, or perhaps multiple hubs, in this region. This may involve buying a piece of land, taking over an empty building, or other means of collectively 'sheltering in place' that we may discover as we go. The world is changing rapidly and new possibilities are coming to birth. 

We are seeing three different forms these hubs might take, and sensing a rationale for cultivating a symbiotic relationship between them: land-based hubs bringing us home to nature, urban hubs nurturing community and economic innovation, and activation hubs helping us evolve on all levels.
The descriptions set out below represent these three distinct intentions, which may well overlap, and may even be incorporated into one single hub. 
We have intentionally not filled in the picture too much, to leave space for whatever may arise as others become involved. However, you can go to 'Read More' for a flavour of the kind of things that might be possible, and to discover some of our sources of inspiration.

Activation Hubs

Locations generally near or surrounded by water dedicated to nature-based connection: drawing on diverse traditions and practices, and sharing knowledge and skills. Holding spaces for deep inquiry into questions around such things as spirituality, meaning and purpose; feeling our way towards a culture of sharing, giving, and abundance in all areas, – including time and money – to counteract the dominant mindset of scarcity, competitiveness and lack. 

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Land-Based Hubs

Self-sufficient sites for intentional co-living and co-working: growing our own food, renewing our natural affinity with the land (a process that seems to have accelerated already during this covid era) and developing regenerative practices in all areas, including in the communal, agricultural and economic spheres. Exploring the diverse ways in which we can align with planetary and universal forces: connecting to our roots and to the mystery of what brings us most alive. 

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How would it be for you to belong in a web of community? Do you have a sense that this might be something that is missing for you? Do any of these descriptions resonate as something you might like to take part in? What else is present for you in response to the motivation (the driver) and the aims described on this website? 
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Innovation Hubs

Self-funding primarily urban centres for nurturing community and economic innovation. Bringing together diverse groups and individuals: enacting creative community solutions to the multiple emergencies of our times; supporting and celebrating the many regenerative projects and collaborations already underway; and incubating a wide range of projects and enterprises with the emphasis on mutual aid, care for the earth, and growing a circular, gift economy. 

We need a crucible within which we can play with
the alchemy of what knows itself to be true. 

– K2

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