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Holding space for the two wings of grief and praise



Shona’s heart and soul is on fire with the question... 'How can we create supportive, resilient communities in our world today?' She holds a vision of humans coming together, living in balance with nature and each other, and of relighting the ancient ways of simple yet profound connection.

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shona's Story

The weaving together of people, ceremony and ritual is where this vision comes most alive for Shona, and particularly in Community Forest School sessions, Wheel of the Year celebrations, Way of Council circles, Vision Questing and Grief Tending in Community gatherings.


Shona’s formal training is in Psychology, Teaching and Forest School facilitating. She has learnt alongside Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres on the Apprenticing to Grief programme and is mentored by Pippa Bondy in her practice of Way of Council. Shona lives in deep connection with nature and has spent the last five years home-making in small spaces on the land, living with the daily rhythms of the seasons. She is a food-grower, a tender-of-gardens and wild spaces, a food and medicine forager, and a wild water swimmer. She can be seen cycling around on her electric bike with her dog in tow in his trailer!


liz day

Liz's lifelong quest has been around the question of how we can restore the lost circles of life. This has brought her to grief work and to study, train and practice a number of collaborative modalities including Sociocracy 3.0, Dragon Dreaming, the Way of Council and more.

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liz's Story

Liz has completed a 7-day training with Joanna Macy and a 5-day Apprenticing to Grief programme with Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres. She has been holding space for this work since 2020, and is co-founder of Norfolk Grief Tending and The Gathering Gates -- community projects that aspire to pave the way to a more beautiful world. 


Liz is grounded in many years of her own personal development work and activism, and more than 34 years of service and abstinence in 12-step addiction recovery groups. Having studied the mystical stream of Christianity for many years and undertaken various trainings, Liz has also run workshops, groups and contemplative worship events at the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre. 

Liz has a background in campaigning and communication roles in the non-profit sector, and she holds a first class bachelor's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. She is a campfire musician, an aspiring writer and poet in the mystical wisdom tradition, and a 5Rhythms dancer.

Sarah D_edited.jpg


Since 2012, Sarah has run a successful coaching practice. She is particularly skilled at creating safe and courageous spaces and facilitating deep growth and transformation. She combines compassionate enquiry, deep listening, and intuition; with archetype, poetry and myth, blending these approaches with visualisation and embodiment practices.

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After careers in academic publishing, international development and consultancy, Sarah trained to become a Co-Active CoachTM with the Coach Training Institute (CTI). Since 2012, she has run a successful coaching practice working one to one and in groups.


Sarah came to grief tending work through her own experiences of loss and grief, and the inspiring beauty and wise alchemy of the work of Francis Weller, Joanna Macy, Malidoma Some, Sophy Banks (and others). She has trainings in Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and is a sometimes regular, sometimes reluctant meditator. Other sources of inspiration and joy include: reading, writing poetry, walking, creating community, swimming and spending time with loved ones.

Sarah is currently creating a group learning journey exploring the individual and systemic dimensions of this enquiry: Why do so many of us spend so much time in Fear, and how do we create - or remember – the safe, genuine and courageous pathways by which we can return to Love?

Su Squire.jpg


Su Squire is a storyteller and theatre maker with a passion for creating work that sparks our deeper sense of connection with each other, the land that supports us and the ones we share it with.

Showing up for her first Grief Tending in Community event turned out to be a bit of a ‘hallelujah!’ moment for Su and she has since gone on to complete the Apprenticing to Grief programme with Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres.

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Su'S Story

​​A transformative experience of personal loss inspired Su to set up Off the Twig, a performance company exploring death, dying and grief which integrates ceremony and ritual and encourages conversation and community around these themes.


She has arrived in the current chapter of her story via a meandering route through theatre, spoken word, street performance, community arts, singing and general tomfoolery. 


Su is also a facilitator of the Norwich Death Cafe, part of a worldwide movement that aims to create a culture in which conversations about death (especially over tea and cake) are embraced as part of life, the impermanence making it all the more sweet.

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