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We're offering this work in the 'spirit of the gift' as a way of helping create a community of abundance. We invite you to join us in this experiment. ​

The idea is to look within and ask yourself what feels right in each situation; not from a place of guilt or coercion, but from a free place of gratitude and generosity. ​In making your financial gift in return for participation at a grief tending event, please consider: 

  • Your financial means

  • Your sense of gratitude with what you receive from the event. 

  • What you would pay for something similar elsewhere.

  • Your desire to support this work going forward. 

What are the wider implications of building a gift economy? 

  • What if we were all freed up to fully give what is in our hearts to give? 

  • What if we could escape the apparently unending, and sometimes mindless, constraint of having to 'earn a living'? 

  • What if we didn't have to justify our very existence by making it count in the monetary economy? 

  • What if our life is an entirely free and gratuitous gift, and our true purpose is to simply take part in the ceaseless flow of self-giving love at the heart of the universe?

By living our way into these questions, a small step at a time, perhaps we can enable the good that is in all of us to flow more freely. As Charles Eisenstein says, "The task before us is to align money with the true expression of our gifts." 

Click here for a short introduction to the Gift Economy by Charles Eisenstein

"The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community." 

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