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“The day was crafted with integrity and intention, inviting safety, respect, connection, compassion, playfulness, strength, courage and wisdom... For anyone thinking of embarking on this journey I would say, "Trust yourself and the alchemy of grief tending. Allow yourself into the river, trusting it will take you to the place you most need to reach. Be open to a certain grace holding you, woven by the hearts of those journeying with you. And your own.”
– SARAH DURRANT (November 2021)

“After attending the workshop, everything feels different! Grief that I have carried with difficulty for over 40 years now feels resolved. I also feel better able to express my sorrow as well as support others in their grief in an empowering way. Grief no longer feels like a heavy burden to be feared but rather the other side of deep joy and connection. I would recommend this workshop to all humans. It should be available on the NHS! It's sorrowful, but deeply joyful and utterly life changing.” – EMILY BRIGHTWOOD (July 2022)

“I found it a powerful and transformative experience that moved me deeply, both in the examination and processing of my grief but also in my connection to others. I came back energised and with a mental clarity that I have not experienced in years. Due to the amazing facilitation we were loved and held in such a way we all dropped our barriers faster than I could have ever imagined. We are not supposed to be alone, and in this experience we never were. Love and acceptance were universal.” – KIM (July 2022)

“I was not quite prepared for what happened in the ceremony. It felt like we were in a realm of magic, of helping and sharing and comfort, by people we had literally met just a few days before. It's a world that is not really available in modern life. I was surprised by the sheer desire to heal and care for the whole group and to tap into some universal energy -- from our ancestors perhaps, or from some higher being -- tending, needing, caring, warmth -- and love. All this coming through me.” – EMMA M (July 2022)

“I was inspired and nourished by the way in which each small act of courage and vulnerability in the face of fear, from myself and others in the group, was met with with love, encouragement and total acceptance. I don't think its an exaggeration to say everything feels a little different after attending the workshop. The experience continues to unfold and I am grateful for the seeds that were sown that weekend.” – ANONYMOUS (July 2022)

“It felt like a really safe space and allowed me to go deeply into what I needed to, it was very healing for me. The afternoon was paced well and I felt that the facilitators Liz and Su were both so thoughtful and caring. I wanted to particularly say that when they sang together I could feel the spiritual connection, this is where the real medicine lies for me.” – VERA PROUDLOVE (December 2020)

“The workshop turned out to be just what I needed to open up the floodgates – I think I cried every day for a couple of weeks after. I was in denial in many ways, and I feel that the day with you all was exactly the tonic to let years of woes leave my heart. Thank you so much for holding the space for us all, I’m so very grateful. I’d highly recommend this work to anyone, whether you feel you're in grief or not – it was cathartic.” – SUSANNE (December 2021)

“Stepping into the grief tending flow was like being calmly gathered and lifted into the arms of the facilitators as they took us on a journey. The guided work with the writing exercises edged me through my resistance and brought to the surface the patterns of silencing that have been concurrent through my life. This awareness is gold. Going up to the grief altar was surprisingly cleansing and as I sat down, bathed in the songs, I experienced a purification. At that point I understood the potency of this work, and I now have the beginnings of a relationship with my grieving self. For anyone new to this path I would say, grief tending is unexpected, it opens a pathway of access and a personal relationship with grief which, if met with an open heart, is truly transformative.” – HS (December 2021)

I was surprised at how nourishing the whole experience was and would love to come to another one. I felt safe and held by the facilitators. I felt grief shift and healing take place in myself, and it was a privilege to witness this happening in others. I loved the 'pop up village' and 'building the banks'. I loved the water theme and the shrines. All of it. I felt particularly nourished by the singing... Beautiful. I am full of gratitude for the amazing work you are doing.
- KATE R (October 2022)

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